Stella - A new concept in lighting

 The new DuoOptic lighting concept of the Stella surgical light was developed for the surgeon's individual requirements.
 Stella combines two optical systems into a single unit. They are joined on an optical axis, each with its own lenses, filters and reflectors. The result: While the gas discharge lamp generates large-area, shadow-free illumination, the halogen lamp provides additional high-contrast depth illumination. This makes Stella the only surgical light able to produce a light field diameter of 230 mm at a light intensity of 160 klx. At the same time, the system can evenly illuminate both the area surrounding the wound and deep inside, supports stereoscopic vision and virtually eliminates distracting shadows.
 Both lighting systems have an identical color temperature of 4200 Kelvin and use the same 1300 mm-long light tube, creating the conditions for optimal color recognition and eliminating the need to reposition during the procedure.
Another Stella highlight is the surgeon's ability to personally adjust, under sterile conditions, the light intensity and the depth of illumination.

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